Thursday, 13 January 2011

Jumping In

Here's to a New Year and greater outreach into the digital world! My goal is to expand EntWorks this year and to do so I have to stretch out and get involved with the on-line community. Advice and help in this will always be welcome. A special thank you for all those who have supported me in my small shop. Now it's time to get BIG!

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Entworks is now 20% any item with the coupon code FBFANS20.

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  1. Hi there, welcome to bloggerland. Am I your very first comment? Wow, I feel honoured :-) I've also fanned your Facebook page, I'd be really grateful if you could fan me back. Once you get 25 or over fans, you can apply for a shorter URL which is obviously much easier to promote. Good luck with your business; I look forward to sharing 2011 with you through your blog and through British Sellers on Etsy.

    My Sooz Jewels fan page: